Stowell & Co.’s Recoveries Division has evolved from small beginnings and was originally referred to as the “Collections Department”.  Today it stands as a flagship division which has a staff of 20 employees, including two directors, three attorneys, two candidate attorneys, two paralegals and a fully trained support staff.  The division boasts advanced tracing software and a mini call centre.  This integrated system has resulted in very good recovery statistics.



Our client portfolio includes banks and financial institutions, sectional title bodies corporate, schools and educational institutions and rental agencies.  We however remain firmly committed to serving all of our clientele including smaller creditors, in an efficient and a cost-effective manner, so as to ensure that the recovery process represents a nett gain for our clients, no matter how large or small the claim.  Our overriding policy is to provide a cost-effective solution.

Today’s recovery practitioner faces a matrix of complicated legislation making the recovery process all the more difficult.  These regulatory Statutes include the National Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act as well as the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa all of which pose challenges additional to the traditional challenges including hard to trace debtors and bureaucratic inefficiencies.

Against the background of these challenges we achieve success by analysing each handover in order to establish its value, the debtor’s profile and financial circumstances, the possibility of a defence and/or counterclaim being raised, the paperwork in place and any deficiencies arising from the paperwork as well as by doing a cost and benefit analysis.

Prior to the issue of legal process every effort is made to communicate with the debtor by way of telephonic and written demand.  Our focus is on a speedy recovery while limiting legal process and costs as far as possible.

Whilst our Recovery Attorneys’ individual practices do overlap and are mutually supportive, the following are their areas of specialisation:

Our Attorneys adopt a policy of being approachable to both the creditor/client and to the debtor and have shown determination and success in rehabilitation of delinquent debtors.